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D-Star and GB7AU

PostPosted: 18th September 2017, 3:17 pm
by M0XKN
Hi all,

I wondered if any of you had more experience with D-Star than I do.

Apparently when I "kerchunk", GB7AU is hearing me fine. Unfortunately I can't hear it back very well - I can occasionally hear a full over, but mostly there is a lot of burbling and cut out. So after my kerchunk, when I'd expect back an "OK" from the repeater, I don't get that. Then I hear someone vaguely mentioning some 2E0 person trying to break in. And if I look online, I'm there as a recent user. But I never get any data from the repeater.

And so it seems a little odd to me that I'm able to TX into a repeater that I can't reliably RX from. I don't see any fantastic options on my transceiver to make this better, and it's an HT, so I'm limited with my SRH771 on the top.

Any thoughts? Am I doing something very stupid? Or being very naive expecting my RX performance to always be better than my TX performance. (it is a 9MHz offset, so that could be related)


Re: D-Star and GB7AU

PostPosted: 20th November 2018, 11:15 am
by M0WZD
Hi Kirk

I have very limited experience with D-Star and none with D-Star repeaters
so can't help you, I know a little bit about setting up Icom radios to run with
pi-star based hotspots to work on D-Star.

Hope you get/got the problem sorted.