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Week beginning 21st April 2014

PostPosted: 21st April 2014, 7:01 pm
by M0ICR
+++ Club progress - overall. Well done to everyone for their efforts in UKAC in the last few weeks ... we are marching up the tables! +++

RSGB VHF **** UKAC 6m / 50MHz ****
Tuesday 22nd April 2014 1900 - 2130 GMT
UKAC - Being the 4th Tuesday of the month, the UKAC will be 6m. Start time 2000 Local to 2230 Local (ie, start 1900 UTC)
*** Please enter your scores for RS of Harrow ***
** We recommend the use of the logging software MINOS - it makes scoring, calculating multipliers and submitting logs much easier! **
Details: ... mukac&seq=

RSGB HF **** 80m Club Contest DATAMODES ****
Thursday 24th April 1900 - 2030 GMT
80m Club Contest (CC) - DATAMODES ONLY
"In the datamodes contests, contacts may be on RTTY or PSK only. The same station may be worked on both RTTY and PSK, and an entrant's score on each mode (RTTY and PSK) is normalised to the leader on that mode. For each entrant, the two mode scores are then added together and the sum again normalised, so that the leading overall score in each Section is awarded 1000 points and all other scores are expressed in proportion."

International Contests
Saturday 26th April 1200 - 27th April 1200 GMT
SP DX RTTY Contest // Bands: 80 -10m, no WARC //,spdxrttyen.html

Saturday 26th April 1300 to 27th April 1259 GMT
Helvetia Contest - CW, SSB, Digital // 160 - 10m, no WARC // ... 20101e.pdf

Sunday 27th April 1700 - 2100 GMT
BARTG Sprint 75 ** This is 75 Baud RTTY ** // 80 - 10m no WARC// ... 0rules.pdf

73 de Carl M0ICR

Re: Week beginning 21st April 2014

PostPosted: 23rd April 2014, 9:32 pm
by M0ITI

Just two months posted out of four and we have soared up to 16th place. See the attachment. And that is with just six operators!

Getting into the top flight, is clearly within our reach. RSH has 80 members, if just a dozen compete on UKAC regularly,then we really will hit the mark.

Well done especially to Carl for getting contest group airborne. Keep at it mate!