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UKAC - 6m 22/7/14

PostPosted: 23rd July 2014, 12:14 am
by G3YXZ
What an incredible evening on 6m ! Operated my SOTA set up this evening from Pinner Hill (136m asl) using the Alton 2 element minibeam. Entered the Low Power section using 10 Watts to the Minibeam at about 3m agl. Only worked 10 stations, but heard many out Portable and several high power home stations. Band open to Scandinavia, Belgium, France etc.

Great time !

May try Old Redding Viewpoint car park next time if the weather holds.
Peter G3YXZ

Re: UKAC - 6m 22/7/14

PostPosted: 23rd July 2014, 1:49 pm
by M0ICR
Hi Peter,

Yes it was a fun evening. Lots of stations to work, as you said on HR soon after the contest "It sounded like 40m".

Good to know that the Alton Mini-Beam performed.