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2m UK AC 2 September

PostPosted: 5th September 2014, 10:00 pm
by G3WCB
I've been entering the last few 2m UK AC contests on Tuesday evenings, and my score has been gradually creeping up as I have been improving my technique. I've been using a pair of "c'tanger" crossed horizontal dipoles up to now, but I've just completed building a 2-element "Moxon" square antenna, using bits bought from the local Wickes. I thought I would give it a try out in last Tuesday's 2m UK AC contest. Boy - did I choose the wrong night for a comparison test! There was an epic tropo lift in progress during the contest, and I could have worked most stations using a paper clip for an antenna! It was great fun, but I still don't know how well the Moxon performs compared to the dipoles.
If you don't know what a Moxon antenna is, briefly it's a 2-ele beam with the ends of the radiator and director bent round so that the antenna forms a rectangle. They are very easy to make, and have a small "footprint" compared with a conventional 2-element beam. If anyone is interested, I could provide some more details.

Re: 2m UK AC 2 September

PostPosted: 9th September 2014, 9:43 pm
by G6DOD
Very neat Dave. Nice to work you last week, and conditions were certainly up. I managed 117 contacts, best DX near Aberdeen - very good north/south. I'm also playing with aerials, and I'll post something further on here about that soon.

73, Mark