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Not the Harrow repeater: GB7LO Bromley

PostPosted: 24th August 2015, 9:18 am
by G7RJL
Bromley repeater GB3OK has been replaced by GB7LO. The new repeater extends the DMR coverage in the local area. The Bromley Repeater team have asked for signal reports on their facebook group (which doesn't seem to be accessible at the moment - Linda). Please help the team out if you can provide a report. The DMR repeater is connected to the UK MARC network and will carry the same talk groups currently carried by the South east repeaters. This means Talk Group 8 roaming should benefit.

Transmit Freq 439.5125 MHz
Receive Freq 430.5125 MHz
Channel DVU41
Colour Code 3
Direct TG TBC