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Alternatives to GB3HR + GB3BV Update

PostPosted: 3rd November 2017, 1:01 am
by G3YXZ
GB3BV has recently been refurbished with a replacement antenna and coaxial feeder and this has greatly improved the coverage into the Watford and surrounding areas. CTCSS is temporarily using 118.8 Hz, however, this will change back to 82.5 Hz in the near future. Users will be given notice before this is carried out.

As GB3HR is currently having to be closed down at certain times, on advice from Ofcom and the RSGB/AROS. Club Members and other repeater Users are therefore encouraged to use the new GB3BV for mobile communications to the North of the Harrow Weald/Bushey Heath ridge or GB3LW to the South East of HR's coverage into North West London and the City/West End.

Peter Marcham - G3YXZ
NoV Holder - GB3BV/GB3HR