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Surplus Equipment - FOR SALE

PostPosted: 28th November 2018, 10:48 pm
by G3YXZ
AMP UK Explorer NMR 3kW Linear Amplifier (400 - 1000 kHz) suitable for 472 kHz band or Medium Wave broadcast. Damaged RF output meter, otherwise complete. PLUS AMP UK 100W driver/exciter amplifier for above Linear Amplifier. BOTH ITEMS SOLD

A selection of nearly new wide spaced HV Tuning Capacitors. These have been stored wrapped in Cling film.

A pair of new 10 GHz horns with flanged connectors and with transitions from Waveguide to SMA connectors. ( I also have an inline variable attenuator for them.)

Brand new, of British manufacture and in its original box, a 240 Volt to 18 Volt Transformer which will give at least 40 Amps + output. (Bought for a PSU that was never built). This is heavy duty and continuously rated. SOLD

Brand new Tonna 2 Metre, 5 Element Crossed Yagi. Still in its original packing and only opened to check its contents. This is superb Quality and I have had the Horizontal version up on my mast for 30 + years without needing to do any maintenance other than to uprate the Coax.

Need to make up solder type SMA leads ? I have some brand new copper Coax and I am happy to cut off a length if required.

SMA connectors of all types. Some brand new and some recovered.

SEM Transmatch antenna matching unit. Brand new, never used.

The above Surplus Equipment is being offered for sale exclusively to Members by a friend of the Club. Sensible Offers are invited please.

All enquiries via Peter Marcham, Club Quartermaster at or
Mobile 07713 155580.

Re: Surplus Equipment - FOR SALE

PostPosted: 15th February 2019, 1:25 am
by G3YXZ
Updated 15/2/19 with additional equipment.