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Further Surplus Sales and FREE donations

PostPosted: 11th April 2019, 10:27 am
by G3YXZ
1. I would like to donate to your members Two Fibre Glass Wind Surfing Masts.( They come in two 6 Ft sections that slot together) They are tapered over the whole length. They are very strong and light. If you are going out /P long wires can be attached to them.
One of the has the surface slightly weathered and will need a coat of paint to seal the surface.
They can be picked up from my house (Edgware) if required. (my new car does not allow me to put a roof rack on it)
2. I have a robust 144 MHz collinear for external mounting. (It just needs the three screw in ground plan arms which are simple to make) It is going for FREE as minor project.
3. I have for FREE some single sided and double sided circuit board material. (I will bring some up to the club)
4.I have a stainless steel tall 2 Metre mobile whip that went with a gutter mount. The gutter mount is lost, but will make a superb External or /p antenna . PL259 at base £10
5. As above, but 432 MHz . PL259 at base. £10.
I use a second pair like these for my /P operating when operating in the field. (They go on a bar and mounted on a tall tripod.)
6. Buddipole Deluxe HF portable antenna. Comes with the full kit in it's carry bag. In addition the adjustable mount so that the dipole can configured at different angles. Also included are new spare clips for the loading coils and a spare new extendable whip.
I bought his new a number of years ago and it has had little use. It comes with all the paperwork. £250.

The above items are being offered to us by a friend of the Club who lives in Edgware.
All enquiries please to Peter Marcham G3YXZ at or
Mobile 07713 155580.