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3D Printing

PostPosted: 8th November 2018, 3:52 pm
by M0WZD
I recently got a 3D Printer and I have been having a blast learning CAD software to design
the item and then printing it out.

Anyone else into 3D Printing ?

Re: 3D Printing

PostPosted: 18th November 2018, 8:01 pm
by M0XKN
Yes, I’ve been doing it since the beginning of 2016.

How are you getting on and what sort of things are you printing?

Re: 3D Printing

PostPosted: 20th November 2018, 11:21 am
by M0WZD
Hi Kirk

I am quite involved with Radio Controlled Cars and most of the things I print
are to do with those but have also printed lots of useful things like project boxes,
brackets etc, so far I have only tried PLA but I have some PETG to try and would
like to try ABS at some point.

I am going to try and add Auto Bed Leveling to my printer soon (diy not kit)
and if that works out well it will be a massive improvement.


Re: 3D Printing

PostPosted: 5th February 2019, 2:53 pm
by SteveTierney

I know literally nothing about 3d printing but it fascinates me.

Are the files located in the link below something you could work with ? ... master/Lna

They are supposedly plans for a 3d print that would make a nice enclosure for an LNA4ALL Low noise amp module that should work well with a discone antenna i recently installed in my loft.

I'm a (very) new member here, just joined up and looking to take my foundation this year so i can delve into transmitting. Currently i use an SDR / LNA / Antenna for scanning frequencies and its got me hooked.

I'm based in Watford close to the Essex Arms, if you can use those files and would be happy to create the item I would happily pay for any material costs/time if you are interested.