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Advanced Level


To get a Full license, you need to pass the Advanced exam.

At present the Radio Society of Harrow does not run an Advanced course or arrange the exam. However, some local clubs do run exams and courses eg Verulam (St Albans) sometimes run courses and exams and LEFARS (Chingford) often hold exams.

Following the decision by the RSGB to allow flexible dates for Advanced examinations, the club is considering providing Advanced courses.   Please contact Mike M0ITI (training@g3efx.org.uk) for more information.

There is also an excellent distance-learning course run by a group of amateurs in Bath. Contact Steve Hartley (G0FUW) by email for more details.

There are no practical exercises or assessments at Advanced level so students can do all their study at home. The exam consists of 62 multiple choice questions  – pass mark is 37 and you are allowed 2 hours to complete the paper. You will be given three documents in the exam

1.  The full licence document so you do NOT need to memorise the regulations
2. Two band plans (14 MHz & 144 MHz)
3  A sheet of mathematical formulae ie no need to memorise any formulae

The exam papers are sent to RSGB HQ in Bedford and HQ issue pass/fail notices by post.