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Report of RSH Field Event from Tony G7ETW

Over the weekend of 24 and 25 June 2017 the Society took part in a weekend event to publicise and support the 1940s Experience at Lincolnsfields, Bushey.  The Society is no stranger to Lincolnsfields – we have put on a station many times on their annual Forties Family Experience weekends – but this was to be different.  We asked for and were granted exclusive access to their field to put on a Field Station over the two days.

I won’t bore you with the planning and resourcing.  A lot had to be organised and somewhere up in the cloud there is a burnt-out server chock full of my and other Event Crew emails.  Suffice to say everything that had to happen happened and on a warm June Saturday morning we congregated, looked at an empty field and got to work.

Set up took about 2 hours.  Alan M0HYL, Damian G4LHT, Ian 2E0PPM and Mike M0ITI took advantage of two disused telegraph poles and suspended a home-made fan dipole at about 25 feet.  The Society’s gazebo was used as an operating space for Ian’s FT-991 connected to his MP1 antenna and the Society’s Icom 756 Pro connected to the wire antenna.

Away from the four tents, and inaudible other than close up, we had a gas generator, hired by Peter G3YXZ and transported by Peter G3WDX (along with a vast amount of other equipment!).

Catering – hot and cold drinks and snacks – was provided by Colin G1IGA and Linda G7RJL from a gazebo.  Colin brought camping-gas burners, kettles, cool boxes, washing up stuff and tables etc.  Linda brought the makings of drinks and a range of biscuits, cakes and crisps etc to keep us going. Lincolnsfields lent us four large tables.

Operating conditions were good, and the 40m band was lively with special event (it was Museums on the Air weekend) and ordinary stations. The main operators were Mike, Ian, David G0CAG and Don G0ACK with Jack 2E0HVA and Alan taking the opportunity to gain some experience. High points were Mike handling a sizeable pile-up on 40m and Ian reaching Virginia on 21 MHz.  Jack even had Argentina – but that one we can’t confirm.

The Sunday was a 1940s House Open Day, and we were joined by Dave, a 40s House regular who brought his WW2 radios – all functional, but on PMR446! – to display.  A few members of the public came to see us, but not many.

We were hoping that a lot of Society members would come and participate, but this didn’t happen, which was disappointing.  So, was the event a failure?  No, I say – we came together and put on a successful field station, something the Society has not done in a long time. We enjoyed ourselves, and considered our time well spent. In addition, we reinforced the friendly relationship the Society has with Lincolnsfields, and as a result we have already been invited go back.

My thanks go to Alan M0 HYL, Colin G1IGA, David G0CAG, Damian G4LHT, Don G0ACK, Ian 2E0PPM, Jack 2E0HVA, Brew 2E0XBJ, Linda G7RJL, Mike M0ITI and Peter G3YXZ, who were Crew for the weekend and to any Society members who attended the event.

If you would like to join the Society’s Events Crew, please contact Tony G7ETW directly. We’re hoping to set up another weekend event soon, and we will definitely be active at the next regular Open Day, Sunday 24 September.  No experience is necessary, just the desire to be involved.