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Members Construction Contest 2017

The Radio Society of Harrow’s annual construction contest was held on Friday 01 December.  There was good participation from club members with four entries and also four display items.

The entries for judging by the members present were:

Tony G7ETW – an Arduino Morse generator / Morse reader; Graham G4VUX – a fishing reel and dog ball thrower contrivance for launching an antenna wire over trees; Colin G1IGA – portable shack in a box; Brian G3YKB – a Tesla coil.

Each entrant described their item and answered questions from the audience, who then had a chance to examine the entries in detail prior to casting their secret vote.

This year’s winner was Brian G3YKB, who keeps the cup for a year and also won £30; second prize (£20) went to Colin G1IGA and third prize (£10) to Tony G7ETW.

The display items, also described by their makers, were a compact 2m DF receiver with antenna  (customised to find Brian G3YKB in the woods) (Peter G4AZL); an off-air frequency standard for calibrating test equipment (a crystal calibrator and 10MHz reference, phase-locked to Droitwich – also Peter G3AZL); EGV-40 QRP CW 40M transceiver (Graham G4VUX) and a home-made 3D printer printer-head (Keith M3OJH).