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Arrangements for Club Activities During the Covid-19 Crisis

22nd March 2020

Dear All,

In the light of the present crisis caused by the Covid-19 virus, the Committee has agreed that Club activities will be changed for the foreseeable future. From now on, our activities will be curtailed as follows:

Formal meetings: All formal Club meetings are cancelled from now on until the situation eases. This includes the AGM that was supposed to take place on Friday 27th March. Concerning the AGM, in the next few day, we will send out an email package that will contain the audited accounts, the Minutes of the last AGM and the details of the new Committee. This will be for your information and any comments or questions you wish to raise.

Informal meetings in the shack: These will stop from immediate effect. Members should not go to the shack at Lincolnsfield Centre for the time being. We will advise when the shack will be available again. 

Breakfast meetings: Our fortnightly breakfast meetings at the Carpenders Park Garden Centre will stop in accordance with the shutdown of cafes, restaurants and bars initiated by the Government.  

Training Courses: There will be no more training courses for the time being. We will advise when training courses will start again. 

Club Nets: The Club nets will play an important role in keeping us together. There is a 2m FM net on Thursday evenings (2015 to 2100) – listen at first on the calling channel (145.500MHz) – and a 2m FM net on Sunday afternoons (1400-1500) – again meet on the calling channel.  There is also a net on the GB3HR 70cms repeater on Tuesdays from 20.00 – 21.00.  We would like to encourage participation in these nets; newly-licensed people are especially welcome.

Welfare: We will monitor the local 70cm repeater (GB3HR) and also 2m FM on 145.350MHz for anyone who wants to call in for any help or who just feels lonely and wants a chat. See our Keeping in Touch page for further details.

I hope that we can resume our normal activities as soon as possible but it will depend on how the situation develops. In the meantime, I hope you all keep yourselves safe and I look forward to hearing you on the air.

Best wishes,

Chris Friel, G4AUF

Chairman RSH