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GB3BH – ATV Repeater

View from GB3BH

Located in Bushey Heath, GB3BH relays amateur television pictures in Hertfordshire and North West London. The input frequency is 2,340 MHz (13 cm) and the output frequency is 10,065 MHz (3 cm) analogue with 100 W ERP. Also we have just been licensed to use 3,404 MHz (9 cm) digital as well. We hope to get the 9cm transmitter working in the summer. Our licence also permits us to transmit on 2,440 MHz (13 cm) but this is not much use due to extreme interference from WiFi signals.

The repeater output is streamed on the internet in lower resolution. See: www.batc.tv

The repeater activity night is Wednesday, from about 8 pm. You can talk back to the users on 2m, 144.750 MHz FM

For full details see the repeater web site: www.gb3bh.com