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Keeping in Touch

The Radio Society of Harrow’s Committee is very aware in these difficult times for the need to stay in touch with our Members. We therefore have set up a “Welfare” initiative to monitor our 2m FM channel 145.350 MHz and also our local 70cms repeater, GB3HR.

The idea is to monitor these channels every day and should anyone want to discuss anything of concern or just have a chat, by knowing that other Members are around, there will be a chance that there is someone to talk to.

Don’t forget that we also have three Nets a week for you to join/listen in:-

  • Thursdays 20:15 – 21:00 (Harrow and surrounding area) and
  • Sundays 14:00 – 15:00 (Watford and surrounding area)
  • Initially look out for G3EFX on the FM Calling Channel 145.50 MHz NFM and then moving to 145.350 MHz NFM or nearest channel as advised.

Additionally now on Tuesdays from 20.00 – 21.00h on the GB3HR repeater.

Our friends in the Edgware and District Radio Society are also setting up a similar initiative, so see http://www.g3asr.co.uk/programme.htm for Nets details.

Loan radios

The Club has a small number of hand portable radios that are programmed for the Harrow and surrounding area 70cms repeaters plus a number of 70cms Simplex UHF channels.

In addition, we are looking to source a small number of 10 Watts FM mobiles for those living in difficult radio locations.

If this would be of interest to borrow from the Club, please let me know.

Good wishes to all members and their families.

Peter Marcham G3YXZ
o/b/o The Committee
Radio Society of Harrow